About us

The Zentrum für Radiologie und Nuklearmedizin am Johannisplatz (ZRN Leipzig) is situated in the Praxisklinik am Johannisplatz Leipzig. Here, our spacious, transparently designed practice rooms extend over two floors. Modern furnishings and contemporary art create a relaxed ambience for our patients and a pleasant working climate for the practice team.

Dr. Schenk Portrait

Dr. med. Susanne Schenk

Dr. Sickert Portrait

Dr. med. Michael Sickert

In the ZRN Leipzig use of modern diagnostic systems based on a high-end standard of medical-technical apparatus enables us to carry out examinations with as much consideration for patients as possible, offering reliable supervision at all times, and providing a rapid diagnosis.

The equipment of the ZRN Leipzig also allows several examinations to be undertaken on one day. In urgent cases the findings can be generated and handed to the patient together with the relevant images immediately, or sent to his/her general practitioner or referring doctor at once. Examinations in preparation for operations or tumour staging can be realized without delay.

We aim to examine patients individually and with specialized competence, to provide qualified advice with all questions in the fields of radiology and nuclear medicine as well as the emphases paediatric radiology and neuroradiology, and to devote ourselves – taking whatever time is required – to any specific issues you may raise.

Dr. med. Susanne Schenk and Dr. med. Michael Sickert