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Praxisklinik am Johannisplatz

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Waiting area

Patientin im privaten Wartebereich des ZRN

Private patient waiting area

1993 Dr. med. Christiane Volkheimer, specialist in radiology, and Dr. med. Susanne Schenk, specialist in nuclear medicine, establish a shared interdisciplinary radiological and nuclear medical practice in Leipzig (today: ZRN Leipzig – Zentrum für Radiologie und Nuklearmedizin am Johannisplatz).

On 1st July 1993, the practice commences work in a self-built container complex in the north of the city – due to the continuing desolate state of much building and in many cases the unresolved conditions of property ownership so few years after reunification.

With its high standards in individual, competent patient care, the practice is one of the first in Leipzig to invest in the very latest medical technology. This means that not only conventional x-ray examinations can be carried out; use is also made of the latest apparatus for sectional imaging diagnostics (magnetic resonance imaging / computed tomography).

The practice’s range of services is expanded continually as other doctors join the practice, incl. new emphases in pediatric radiology and neuroradiology.

The practice founders launch an initiative leading to the concept of a prospective interdisciplinary, diagnostic-therapeutic out-patient centre of specialist doctors in the years 1996/1997. In November 2001 the practice moves to the premises “Praxisklinik am Johannisplatz” situated in the city centre. Since then, its equipment having been supplemented by the most modern of diagnostic systems, the practice has worked in a fully digitalized manner with a RIS/PACS system including voice recognition, and boasts its own computing administration. The practice team continues to grow continually.

In 2003, in close cooperation with the municipal clinic “St. Georg” and the network operator HL komm, the practice develops a pilot project: a teleradiological network to exchange imaging and findings documentation.

In 2006 extension of the “Praxisklinik am Johannisplatz” permits further expansion of the practice rooms, so that a third magnetic resonance tomograph and another computer tomograph can be installed.

In 2005 the practice is certified as a cooperation partner for out patients of the Nord-Westsächsisches Brustzentrum (North-West Saxony Breast-Care Centre) – with locations in the municipal clinic “St. Georg” in Leipzig and the district hospital in Torgau. In addition, there is close collaboration with other certified breast-care centres, St. Elisabeth Hospital, University of Leipzig and the Helios clinics. In 2008 our “Diagnostic Out-Patient Breast Centre on Johannisplatz” is established.

In September 2008 the “Thyroid Centre on Johannisplatz” is established.

In July 2010 a digital mammography system with tomosynthesis and a new digital x-ray system are installed.

After using a PET-CT trailer from 2010 onwards, in November 2011 – with a further increase in the space of the practice – it is possible to install a permanent PET-CT system in the ZRN Leipzig.

In November 2013 the ZRN Leipzig is certified as compliant to standards DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN ISO 15224:2012.

In 2016 all three MRT devices are rehauled. We are amongst the first ambulant institutions in Germany to operate a 3-Tesla-MRT (since May 2016).

Our nuclear medicine department is using a modern SPECT-CT camera system since February 2016.

In April 2018, a new and modern RIS (radiology information system) is installed.

In January 2019 we are certified to provide mpMRT of the prostate by the German professional union of radiologists, Berufsverband der Deutschen Radiologen e.V., as well as by Qualitäts-Ring-Radiologie gGmbH.

Today, 15 associated specialist doctors and approx. 50 staff work at a perpetually high standard for the good of patients in the ZRN Leipzig.