Biopsies / Punctures Breast



Punch biopsy of the breast

Punch biopsy of the breast

Analysis of tissue samples

Analysis of tissue samples

Removal of tissue by means of puncture enables a reliable diagnosis with only a minor intervention and so helps to plan further steps, in particular the necessary treatment where applicable. Planning and supervising the removal of tissue with the aid of sonography (ultrasound) leads to great precision, as this provides an exact anatomical representation of the route of puncture and the area requiring clarification. In this way it is possible to rule out complications all but entirely.

The examination will further clarify unexplained changes to the breast that have been spotted in previous examinations.



The doctor treating you will explain the precise nature of the procedure in a personal consultation.

Preparation at home

Patients taking anticoagulant medication (e.g. ASS, Plavix) should interrupt the course after consultation with their doctor.

If you are taking Marcumar (Falithrom), it should be changed to Heparin injections.



You will be placed comfortably, lying on your back on the examination table.

Under sterile conditions the doctor will introduce a thin cannula into the area being examined in order to remove tissue; ultrasound will be used as a visual check throughout this process. The samples obtained in this way will be evaluated subsequently by a pathologist.

The examination is not very painful and takes only a few minutes. The follow-up observation period is 30 minutes. Usually you will be able to leave our practice after the examination has been completed.

A detailed report with the results of the examination will be sent to your referring doctor as soon as we have received the outcome of the evaluation.