MRT Prostate



MRT examination with MTRA

MRT examination

The multiparametric MRT examination (mp-MRT) of the prostate is a specialized MRT examination for prostate imaging.

Our latest 3 Tesla high field MRT equipment allows us to use an innovative, precise and non-radiating imaging technique. It combines high-resolution anatomical images with diffusion (DWI) and perfusion-based imaging (DCE).

This examination provides important data on the exact location and propagation of the tumor as well as its aggressiveness.

Indications for a mp-MRT of the prostate:

  • Suspicion of a prostate carcinoma in cases of suspicious or increasing PSA-level and/or previous negative biopsy results.
  • Determination of the location for a precise tissue probe in case of suspicious results
  • Early detection in cases of a risky familiar background
  • Active surveillance of the tumor’s development

Advantages of the 3 Tesla prostate mp-MRT

  • Fast (25-30 min) and gentle examination (no endorectal coil required)
  • Very high image quality
  • No X-ray usage
  • Clearer evidence when clarifying the increased PSA-level




Preparations at home

Please do not eat two hours prior to examination.

Driving fitness impairment

A medication to reduce the peristaltics needs to be taken before conducting mp-MRT. Your ability to drive will be impaired for two hours afterwards.

Things to bring along:

  • a small towel
  • a piece of clothes (T-Shirt) free from any metal parts (applications etc.)
  • all the data you might have from prior examinations such as images, clinical analyses’ results, OP-reports, hospital leave reports.

Contrast agents

Depending on the clinician’s indications, a contrast agent may need to be applied in order to provide important additional data for the diagnosis. The applied contrast agents are very well tolerated and will be eliminated from the body in the course of 24 hours. Allergies are extremely rare.

If you have a renal malfunction we should need to know your blood level of creatinine to apply contrast agents. If you have it already determined please bring the data along.



If you suffer from claustrophobia (fear of confined spaces) please let us know. It is possible under certain conditions to provide you with a sedative.



Conducting the examination

Please take off all movable metal parts from your body and clothes as you are going to be examined in a strong magnetic field. An MRT examination may not take place earlier than six weeks since the application of a tattoo or permanent make-up to prevent skin damage (see also FAQ).

You are going to be accommodated on the examination table in supine position and a venous access will be attached to your arm to deliver the contrast agent and additional medication. Thanks to our modern 3-T MRT we do not have to use the endorectal measuring coil.

Consequently the examination table will drive you automatically into the bore of the MRT-Scanner. It has a diameter of 70 cm and the device itself is open at both ends. You will get an ear protection against the very loud knocking sounds you will hear in the course of examination.

It is critical not to move during the examination. Even the smallest movements (gulping down, coughing) may suffice to render the examination data unusable. Please follow the instructions exactly as they are crucial for the image quality. For separate measurements you will receive breathing commands.

Should you experience strong fear (claustrophobia) or should any unforeseen events occur, you can always contact the personnel via a bell ball, which is for you to hold for the duration of the examination.

In 25-30 minutes you will have completed the examination. As a rule, you can leave the practice shortly thereafter.

A detailed report on the examination’s results will be forwarded to the clinician who advised the examination. It will reach your clinician in about a week or, in case of medical necessity, on the same or the following day.