Ultrasound examination

Ultrasound examination

Ultrasound hip joint

Ultrasound hip joint

In a sonography (ultrasound) examination sound waves are used to produce images, which enter the body via a probe. The waves sent out are thrown back to the probe, first and foremost at the boundaries between two layers of tissue. The ultrasound image is calculated from these reflected sound waves.

This procedure is completely painless and there is no exposure to radiation.



Please bring with you:

  • A towel
  • Existing examination results, where relevant (medical imaging, clinical examinations, operating theatre or discharge reports, lab results)


Dear parents:

Please bring the “Kinder-Untersuchungsheft/yellow booklet” to the examination if your child is between 1 and 6 years old.



Before the ultrasound examination you must remove all moveable objects (e.g. jewellery and the like) from the area being examined.

You will be able to lie down comfortably on the examination table, on your back. A contact gel will be applied to your skin for the examination. The examining doctor will run the ultrasound probe, with gentle pressure, over the region being examined.

The examination will take approx. 10 minutes. Usually, you will be able to leave the practice immediately afterwards.

A detailed report with the results of the examination will be sent to the doctor who referred you to us. This will usually reach your doctor within a week; in case of medical necessity, it may also come at short notice on the same or the following day.