X-Ray Spine



X-ray examination

X-ray examination


X-rays were discovered by Wilhelm Konrad Röntgen as early as 1895.

In the case of digital x-rays, the rays sent through the body are weakened to differing degrees by the various body tissues (e.g. bones, muscles, organs, fat), and after passing through the body they meet a digital recording system, which registers them as they arrive. The data acquired in this way are used to produce grey-scale images, the contrasting gradations of which represent the different tissues of the body.

Our fully digital apparatus with flat panel detector helps to keep your exposure to radiation as low as possible. For comparison: an x-ray image of the lung corresponds roughly to the natural exposure to radiation during a transatlantic flight. Normally, patients will not be examined during pregnancy due to the x-ray radiation employed.



Please bring with you:

  • Existing examination results, where relevant (medical imaging, clinical examinations, operating theatre or discharge reports, lab results)


There is no need for any special preparation.



Prior to the examination you will be questioned about the medical history of your illness to date and your present symptoms. The doctor will also check whether there is a justifiable indication for the examination, i.e. whether the x-ray is medically useful and necessary.

Before the x-ray examination you must remove all moveable metal objects (e.g. jewellery, hair pins and the like) from the area being examined, as these might cover body structures on the image. You will be placed in front of the recording system for the recording. This will happen – depending on the image required – in standing or lying position.

The staff will leave the examination room briefly during the recording of data. Please follow instructions precisely, as they are very important for the quality of the images.

The examination will take only a few minutes, whereby the actual recording of data occurs within milliseconds.

Usually you will be able to leave our practice immediately after the examination.

A detailed report with the results of the examination will be sent to the doctor who referred you to us. This will usually reach your doctor within a week; in case of medical necessity, it may also come at short notice on the same or the following day.