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Zentrum für Radiologie und Nuklearmedizin am Johannisplatz (ZRN Leipzig)
Johannisplatz 1
04103 Leipzig

Telephone: +49 341 9199 80
Fax: +49 341 9199 8199

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Legal form

Joint practice in partnership under civil law:

Dr. med. Susanne Schenk (specialist in nuclear medicine)
Dr. med. Michael Sickert (specialist in diagnostic radiology / neuroradiology)
Dr. med. Kerstin Rotter (specialist in diagnostic radiology)
Dr. med. Constanze Rauch (specialist in diagnostic radiology)
Stefan Conradi (specialist in diagnostic radiology)
Simonetta Perillo (specialist in nuclear medicine)
Dr. med. Marcus Förster-Perillo (specialist in nuclear medicine)
Dr. med. Gerd Weidemüller (specialist in diagnostic radiology)
Dr. med. Thomas Arens (specialist in diagnostic radiology)
Steffi Pracht (specialist in radiology)
Dr. med. Matthias Seiwerts (specialist in radiology)
Dr. med. Axel Kühn (specialist in radiology)
Sandra Köhler (specialist in radiology)
Dr. med. Isabel Kaiser (specialist in radiology)
Dr. med. Christian Krieghoff (specialist in diagnostic radiology)

Represented by partners authorized for joint executive management

Dr. med. Susanne Schenk
Dr. med. Michael Sickert

VAT-ID: Doctors’s fees for medical treatment are not subject to VAT.

Registration number: As a GbR (partnership in civil law), there is no obligation to register the practice on a trade register or similar.

Responsible medical chamber: Sächsische Landesärztekammer (Medical Chamber of Saxony), Schützenhöhe 16, 01099 Dresden

The following legal-professional regulations apply: Code of Medical Ethics of the Sächsische Landesärztekammer (Medical Chamber of Saxony)

Regulations can be viewed at (German version only):

Controlling Authority: Sächsisches Staatsministerium für Soziales und Verbraucherschutz (Saxon State Ministry for Social Affairs and Consumer Protection), Albertstraße 10, 01097 Dresden

Association of SHI Physicians: Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Sachsen, Bezirksgeschäftsstelle (district office) Leipzig, Braunstraße 16, 04347 Leipzig

Note on advertising in the health care sector

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