Preventive Measures (IGeL)

Often, use of the latest imaging processes may lead to the recognition of many diseases long before they produce negative symptoms.

Not all preventive medical measures, methods of early disease recognition, and therapy are included in the fixed catalogue of services offered by the state health insurance schemes.

Preventive offers by the state health insurance schemes are not always fully adequate with respect to their spectrum, age-ranges and intervals between examinations: your individual risk of illness may not be recognised in good time or clarified suitably as a result.

In our practice we offer so-called individual health services (IGeL). In consultation with you we will clarify what preventive measures are indicated and meaningful for your personal health issues.

In this way we can offer various check-up examinations such as a full-body MRT to examine heart and blood vessels or for early cancer recognition (cardio-vascular or oncological questions), a thyroid check-up, lung check-up and bowel check-up.

As the state health insurance schemes do not cover the cost of these facultative examinations, as a self-paying client you will receive an invoice for the service provided.