Scientific Studies

Radiology plays an important part in imaging for scientific studies.

Our practice is an important partner for clinical research centres in the region investigating the effectiveness of new medical developments and (treatment) methods. Specially trained doctors and study assistants, as well as our comprehensively high-standard technical equipment make it possible for us to produce reliable and safe image verifications in the context of clinical investigations, so benefiting patients and our cooperative partners.

Scientific study team:

Dr. med. Susanne Schenk (clinical investigator)
Dr. med. Kathrin Goetz (clinical investigator)
Dr. med. Michael Sickert (clinical investigator)
Dr. med. Marcus Förster-Perillo (clinical investigator)
Dr. med. Gerd Weidemüller (clinical investigator)
Dr. med. Thomas Arens (clinical investigator)
Heike Wieckzoreck-Bittner (certified study assistant)
Doreen Bräutigam (certified study assistant)



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