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Thyroid scintigram
weiteres Szintigramm einer kranken Schilddrüse
weiteres Szintigramm einer kranken Schilddrüse

Thyroid scintigrams

Thyroid disease is diagnosed quite frequently. It has an impact on many organs and a range of bodily functions, and so results – to some extent – in very different symptoms and complaints. For this reason, diseases of the thyroid gland and their outcomes are diagnosed and treated by doctors from a number of different specialist disciplines.

Examination Techniques

In addition to inspection and palpation of the neck, the following examinations are available:

Ultrasound of the thyroid gland and neck tissues
Fine-needle puncture  
- Additional nuclear medical examinations in the context of tumour diagnosis
PET-CT in the context of tumour diagnosis

Additional radiological examinations: 
X-ray of the trachea
Computed tomography
Magnetic resonance tomography


Specialist practices


Experienced specialist doctors from different fields, all working at the Praxisklinik am Johannisplatz in Leipzig, have joined forces to establish an interdisciplinary Thyroid Centre.

Cooperating specialist practices in the clinic (Praxisklinik am Johannisplatz):


Centre for Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Johannisplatz

Dres. med. Schenk, Sickert, Goetz, Rotter, Rauch, Conradi, Perillo,
Förster-Perillo, Weidemüller, Arens, Pracht, Seiwerts

Practice Internal Medicine / Endocrinology / Diabetology

Dres. med. Drynda, Kluge, Haselbach

Joint Practice ENT

Dr. med. Hennebach, Prof. Dr. med. Michalski, Dr. med. Piel

Joint Practice Gynaecology

Dres. med. Besser, Lunewski

Paediatric Centre Johannisplatz

Department of Paediatric Surgery

Prof. Dr. med. Brock, Dr. med. Elouahidi

Paediatric Centre Johannisplatz

Department of Paediatric Endocrinology

Dr. med. Keller

Eye Centre on Johannisplatz

Dres. med. Radde, Knorrn, Petzold, Genest, Clauß, Bode, Heynemann

Obstetrics Centre Leipzig

Prof. Dr. med. Faber, Frau Riße

Joint Practice Cardiology

Dres. med. Löbe, Weißbrodt


Other cooperating practices:

Speech Therapy Practice

Brigitte Scheffler
Talstraße 7
04103 Leipzig




Registration and appointments

Tel.: 0341. 9199-8167
Fax: 0341. 9199-8194

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Doctors available to contact

Dr. M. Förster-Perillo
Ms. S. Perillo
Dr. S. Schenk